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Spare Time connects skilled people with short term volunteering and paid work opportunities within their communities. People with Spare Time can search the site to find opportunities to lend a hand on interesting and important community projects working with individuals, groups, NGO's, schools, social enterprises and local government.



Spare Time has be co-created with skilled volunteers, short term paid workers and organisations that need spare hands. Anyone is welcome to join Spare Time; however, we are particularly focussed on providing services for older people, women on maternity leave, recent graduates and new arrivals. We match workers to both paid and unpaid volunteer roles.

We provide extensive support services for organisations that need Spare Hands because we know that finding the time to create job descriptions, project plans and to recruit the right people to your organisation can be hard work.



Spare Time was developed to help find ways to engage skilled older people in active ageing. We received seed funding by the South Australian Government through the Office for Ageing Well to co-design Sparetime with organisations that needed spare hands and people that has spare time.


What we heard was that organisations need help to develop projects, recruit skilled volunteers and short term paid workers and provide a great experience that delivers the outcomes that they need. We also heard that individuals want challenging and interesting opportunities that make a difference and are sometimes (but not always) paid and that women on maternity leave, recent graduates and new arrivals also need Sparetime. 


Sparetime seeks to solve these problems for organisations and individuals. In doing so we hope to support active ageing, workforce inclusivity and to make the world just a little bit brighter.



The Spare Time team will help you to get the most out of your spare time. Together we have more than 30 years experience in volunteer strategy, workforce management and recruitment.

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